Automatic Solvent recovery plant


The security of safety!

CEO industrial solvent reclaimers is the more automated reclaiming machine today on the market, with active and passive safety devices to avoid any kind of problem. Irac S.r.l. has thought of all eventualities derived from misuse of an equipment like that, given with such quantities of flammable solvents, by the operator. It won’t be possible to choose the wrong recipe for distillation and create dangerous situations. In addition, with the option MEMOCONTROL, both Irac S.r.l. and the client will be able to verify and manage the machine on the WEB.

CEO industrial solvent reclaimers is absolutely stand alone, it only requires electricity, air and water. If also integrated with the accessory SGL autonomously manages also the inflow of dirty solvent to be treated and the return of the clean to wherever the client need.

VERSATILE) CEO industrial solvent reclaimers was born as a basic system, up to the most complete and automatic version, the various configurations are customizable with the help of a Irac S.r.l. commercial, which will help you to choose the version that best suits your needs.

OPERATIONS) The most sold version, has the automatic loading of the dirty solvent, the collection of the clean solvent, and the discharge of the sludge. These functions 100% automated . The only operation for the staff has to do is to change the underlying container when too full of distillation residues, and he will be notified via level sensor installed on the container lid that closes and sealed the system.

OIL PASSAGE HEATING SYSTEM) The oil is heated by passing through a group of heating elements, then goes in the boiling tank and back into a dedicated container continuously. This system saves electricity, and also the life of the oil turns out to be far superior and optimized compared to the traditional oil bath.


Given the ability of the machines CEO, this has been designed focused on safety, both the active and passive safety devices, with automatic control systems of the presence of all security systems.