Anilox deep cleaning by means of baking soda


Standard available models:
– BIKWASH 2000
– BIKWASH 3000

Anilox cleaning is one of the main problems related to flexo printing, especially for corrugated companies that often have huge anilox rolls, difficult, or often impossible, to disassemble from the printing press for cleaning. For that purpose IRAC built BIKWASH INLINE, the cleaning system with sodium bicarbonate, that is directly applicable on the printing press.

Thanks to the installation of specific support plates, in fact will be possible to move the system to clean all the aniloxes on many printing presses. The usual IRAC philosophy has always been focused on flexibility, adaptability and versatility, and also for this equipment, which may seem simple at first sight, IRAC was studying several innovative solutions to obtain an effective and reliable equipment.