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Our History

Irac S.r.l. started its activity concerning the use and recovery of solvents 20 years ago, when the “distiller” was still being used in a pioneering way as a solution to the small problems of business economics.
These twenty years have seen transformation and multiplication in the solution capacity of the equipment used, highlighting the usefulness of certain constructive choices compared with others, favouring expansion of the range in both potential and versatility.
The key factor of each transformation however has always been the practicality of use and safety, and thus the choice of top quality components and construction.


Irac S.r.l. addresses all those market segments where solvents, flammable or not, and including water, make up the only or the best means for washing, degreasing, cleaning. The machinery produced and proposed by Irac S.r.l. are:

Isolate and reduce the problems of pollution through distillation of solvent- based liquid waste from the production process and through the controlled emission into the atmosphere of fumes from washing solvents.
Propose interactive technical solutions between washing and distillation, aimed at rationalising the former based on the latter.
Accentuate our characteristic as a company that is strongly market oriented, by ploughing feedback from each new experience directly back into standard production.
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IRAC production is aimed not only at washing and distillation, but also at optimising the current problems of environmental impact. This occurs thanks to study and design of new installations allowing for the conclusion of the washing cycle, by integrating Irac S.r.l. production tanks with drying of the parts, checking and minimisation of the emission of fumes into the atmosphere, respecting an environmental context that is by now subject not only to common sense but also to increasingly stricter standards on an international level.

Company structure

Our company is made up of the traditional departments: administration, sales, technical dept. and production, characterised however by an effective connective fabric able to achieve management, production and marketing and sales objectives that are constantly being updated to match the pace of a market in continual evolution.