Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment


Available models in both BASIC and TOP version:
– Ultrawash 1300
– Ultrawash 1800
– Ultrawash 2300
– Ultrawash 2800
– Ultrawash 3300

The ultrasonic washing units series ULTRAWASH have been studied for the washing in depth of Aniloxes (traditional or sleeves), engraved cylinders, engraved plates coming from the printing press.

Designed and manufactured by Irac S.r.l. to solve any problems arising from the washing of such parts, delicate, and also difficult to clean with traditional systems. Ultrasonic cleaning, according to various experiences in the field, now represents the type of washing less invasive and more delicate able to maintain the structure of the cell itself.

Instead of the old washing solutions ULTRAWASH uses much lower frequencies, multi-frequency, guaranteeing perfect cleaning and delicacy on the anilox. All this in order to avoid any damage, or worse the damage already present on the anilox.