Rollclean HP

High Pressure Anilox cleaning machine


ROLLCLEAN HP today represents the new concept for the cleaning of the aniloxes.
This machine reaches the best value for money.

The cleaning process follows 3 steps:

  • The automatic aspersion of the cleaning detergent (we suggest to use our chemical INKLEAN PRINT REMOVER) sprayed by means of dedicated nozzles, installed on a side of the washing bath;
  • The washing with water at high pressure. On the other side 2 special nozzles, made in titanium, are spraying the water at 120 bar (1,740 psi) that cleans the anilox deeply and efficiently;
  • The last automatic cycle is the blowing of compressed air that dry the anilox.

The entire automatic cycle takes normally not more than 15 min.
The chemical used in a closed loop has a filtering system which works every cycle.


  • Rollclean HP 1100: Washing useful dimension 1000 mm
  • Rollclean HP 1600: Washing useful dimension 1600 mm
  • Rollclean HP 2100: Washing useful dimension 2100 mm
  • Rollclean HP 2600: Washing useful dimension 2600 mm
  • Rollclean HP 3100: Washing useful dimension 3100 mm