Plates Washer


Washing machine for printing SR LC enables excellent results in cleaning photopolymer plates that normally are hard to be cleaned in a good way manually. Indicated for the washing of a large number or large dimensions plates; alternatively the range Irac S.r.l. also provides a planar washing unit LC ELECTRA EVOLUTION.

SR LC washing machines take advantage of all the safety devices and effectiveness designed to reduce the harmful effects that the washes carried out in the traditional manner. Moreover, as the machine is using solvents, it is even more imperative for the safety, the environment and the atmosphere.

Washing is done by means of directly oriented nozzles over the entire surface, allowing an effective and deep cleaning.

The control logic of the washing machines, exclusively pneumatic, is fully programmable and allows the management and optimization of the different working phases of the washing machine, which performs, in sequence washing, rinsing and blowing cycle.