Commercial pails crushers


In the recovery and stocking fields of the cans used for containing paints, inks, oils as well as all the tins and pots to be sent to disposal, the vertical hydraulic compactors of the CPV 3 series, represent the most rational and safe solution present today on the market.

The reduction of all the dimensions of these materials by at least one tenth of the initial volume, implies absolute economic advantages deriving from the possibility to save on their stocking, transportation and disposal, without considering environmental hygiene. The special shape of the crushing surfaces prevent the creation of overpressures in the can to be crushed, eliminating in this way, in the presence of liquid residuals, any dangerous jet. Moreover, the user-friendliness and the reduced maintenance allow the user to have an available and reliable equipment. When the cover is open, the equipment is provided with a safety device that protects the operator from any danger.