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NEW CONCEPT Solvent Reclaimers


NEW CONCEPT Solvent Reclaimers produced by Irac S.r.l. ALPHA distillation units are characterized by a tilting structure and the fixed tank . These industrial solvent reclaimers are suitable for users that need to distill and recover solvents from washings (solvent or water), polluted by substances such as inks , oils , fats, resins or pigments.

ALPHA solvent recovery system have a stainless steel tank and a large boiler to obtain a good evaporation rate that allow a quick and safe distillation cycle, with the use of heat and solvent resistant bags IRSAC the operator won’t be in direct contact with solvents and / or distillation residues , since the bag IRSAC resists both at high temperatures that the chemical action of the solvents . The use of IRSAC bags, make sure that the bottom of the tank is not dirty anymore.

This thing in fact, ensures no losses of time and difficulty by the operator, in addition to damage the tank, which would not transmit heat properly. These bags will be disposed of in accordance with local laws.


The electrical System can be supplied in ATEX EX II 3G suitable for installation in Zone 2, or ATEX II 2G EX (explosion-proof for hazardous areas) suitable for installation in Zone 1. Distillers monoblock series are reliable and safe because they are designed and manufactured with expertise, in accordance with the strictest CE, ATEX and sold after an extensive safety testing . All the components used on ALPHA solvent recycling systems are UL Certifie.


  • ALPHA 10 ATEX EX II 3G 10 liters per cycle 4 US gal
  • ALPHA 20 ATEX EX II 2G/3G 20 liters per cycle 4 US gal
  • ALPHA 30 ATEX EX II 2G/3G 30 liters per cycle 4 US gal
  • ALPHA 70 ATEX EX II 2G/3G 50 liters per cycle 4 US gal
  • ALPHA 120 ATEX EX II 2G/3G 70 liters per cycle 4 US gal
  • ALPHA 200 ATEX EX II 2G/3G 120 liters per cycle 4 US gal


Alpha 20 Zona 2
Alpha 20 Zona 2 tilted
_DSF4592 ps-Recovered