New Concept Solvent Reclaimers


ALPHA MIXER solvent reclaimers have been equipped with scraping blades, which facilitate the movement of the liquid on the bottom of the tank, in order to reduce the time of the cycle, to obtain a dry residue, to keep the solvent recovery system clean and to distill the 99% of the solvent inside the dirty mixture.

The modularity of Irac S.r.l. solvent recycling system, born with the particularity of the removable tank, practical and safe, has enabled us to produce the model ALPHA MIXER, monoblock fixed tank. ALPHA is a concentration of technology achieved by the continuous experience of Irac S.r.l. on the market, which has enabled it to achieve an economic machine that, at the same time, maintains the quality standards that have always distinguished Irac S.r.l. from all other manufacturers.


The electrical system can be supplied in ATEX EX II 3G suitable for installation in Zone 2, or ATEX II 2G EX (explosion-proof for hazardous areas) suitable for installation in Zone 1. Distillers monoblock series are reliable and safe because they are designed and manufactured with expertise, in accordance with the strictest CE, ATEX and sold after an extensive safety testing . All the components used on ALPHA solvent recycling systems are UL Certified.