REC 02

Silk Screen automatic reclaiming equipment


REC 02 has been designed specifically to reclaim screens for reuse. It is made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel and can use all the chemical products formulated and used for this purpose. It consists of two separate chambers in which spray nozzles on opposite sides (for each side) perform their function through vertical strokes. In the first chamber, the product can react with gelatine and is spread at low pressure over the screen, in the second chamber a jet of high-pressure water removes the gelatine from the weft. The screen is inserted into the front part and by means of a conveyor belt passes into the first chamber and then into the second chamber.

The REC 02 may have two storing areas: a loading and an unloading storing area, or may be fitted with a single storing area with the joint function of loading and unloading. In this case, the screen, after going through the two chambers, goes back to the starting point. In both cases the REC 02 can continue to reclaim the screens completely automatically. The simplest version has two roller conveyors, a front one and a rear one, for loading and unloading the screens.