FL Basic and All Clean

Flexo and Roto machines Washing


FL ALLCLEAN and BASIC washing machines are dedicated to the cleaning of trays, scrapers, traditional cylinders, aniloxes, mechanical parts, etc …

The right solution when the cleaning liquid is well performing thanks to the chemical effect. FL ALLCLEAN and BASIC are characterized by a large internal container for supporting the pieces to be washed, surrounded by a series of fixed nozzles from which the washing solvent is sprayed.

FL ALLCLEAN and BASIC, compared to a simple soaking, are able to remove the pollutant with greater effectiveness, with the advantage of employing a minimal amount of solvent that si going to be recirculated.

The spray nozzles generate a mechanical action on the parts to be cleaned, the liquid particles generated by airless system (high flow pump with a pressure of 6-7 bar), sliding on the surfaces not directly affected, create a chemical action continuously renewed that corresponds to an effective washing.

FL ALLCLEAN has a moving basket carrying parts with longitudinal movement of 10-15 cm. to increase the maximum washable surface and improve the mechanical action.


Models available in both BASIC and ALL CLEAN versions

  • FL 1000 x 450 x 500
  • FL 1600 x 450 x 500
  • FL 2100 x 450 x 500
  • FL 2600 x 450 x 500